Monday MotivationšŸ˜Š


It’s Monday!!! and for the first time in a really long time, I don’t dread the thought of it. Changing careers and transitioning out of teaching has had many challenges but lately, it’s been an experience filled with possibilities and positivity. I have regained my confidence and love of life. I take walks every day, enjoy nature, work on projects that interest me, go to bed when I want to and simply breathe more easily knowing that I saved myself by changing my life.

So, now that Mondays don’t feel as dreadful I want to encourage you to start your week off strong and with a positive sense. You don’t need to move mountains today, but perhaps you can begin building the foundation of something great. Reach inside you, where your joy and laugh lie, and take all the positive energy you can harvest to make today a good day.

Don’t think of the what-ifs or the things that might come in your way, think of what you want, visualise it to the point where you can feel it, and lean towards that energy. Don’t fear it and don’t allow your doubts to hold you in one place. Allow yourself to sway to the beat of your own drum and make Mondays good, not dreadful. Take your power back and start the week strong, carrying that energy for the rest of the week.

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