I like who I am becoming A LOT


As the summer break comes to an end and the leaves start falling down, I’m happy to say I’ve finally returned to the blog and my day-to-day activities after a well-deserved break.

On a day like today, I would not usually have time to write a blog post and I would already be in the midst of a 2h meeting probably about what the upcoming school year will bring.

As I’m no longer a teacher, today feels really special. There is no more anxiety and stress over going back to work and facing the challenges teachers face these days, there is no more fear over how I’m going to cope, there is only joy in knowing today I could be in school but I am not.

I feel blessed to have had the time to put myself back together and work on my mental health instead of having to jump into a new full-time job or a new school just to keep surviving. Instead, I’m happily working towards new ventures.

I have my Etsy Shop (CWS Innovation) where the work never ends in trying to prepare products, do photography and research but also in trying to one day make it a successful business. I never realised how hard things are behind the scenes for a new business owner. The amount of research and work you have to put in just to get a listing out is a mammoth job that I thought wouldn’t take me long but…I was wrong.

Opening a business on Etsy or anywhere is extremely difficult. I am still struggling to understand how it all works in order to get my first sale but, I am on the right path. I’m working really hard on my products and every element that matters in getting a listing out there and thanks to a really good course I feel like my Etsy shop will eventually be successful. It’s just a matter of time!

Thankfully, I am able to rely on some freelance work and my TES shop (where I sell Teacher resources) to keep me motivated to succeed. I must say, despite the difficulty of the tasks I face, I work with a lot of joy and enthusiasm. I am happy to design products, to work on my freelance projects and go on a run in between those instead of being stuck in school where I know I was fading away.

This break has been rejuvenating and has grown my appetite for work and success and this quote here just sums it up perfectly, I like who I am becoming A LOT. I am enjoying this new chapter in my life and seeing myself transform in the person I always knew I could be.

Hope you enjoyed this small update and you have a wonderful day!

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