Be kind to yourself


It is my personal belief that being kind to one’s self lays a foundation of self-love that is bound to help you succeed in life. There is nothing better than knowing that at the end of each day you’ve got your own back and no matter what others say you can count on yourself to stop the negativity and break that cycle.

Being kind to yourself doesn’t always come easy and may feel like you’re letting yourself off the hook for things that you sometimes can’t even change. There will always be people to hold you accountable for things you’ve done or to perhaps point out something that you’ve done wrong, that’s why you need someone in your corner. That someone is you.

No one understands your struggles and your day-to-day activities better than you, but sometimes you can become your own worst critic instead of your best friend. It’s important to understand that a lot of the time we push ourselves too hard or expect too much too soon and we need a voice of reason to make us understand things take time or that sometimes we make mistakes but it’s not the end of the world.

Be that person that’s always kind and understanding towards yourself. Be the person that listens without judgment but also gives you good advice on how to make things better. Be the person that helps you move forward and mend your mistakes instead of the person that makes you feel even worse about yourself.

Take each day at a time and be kind to yourself along the way. You’ll thank yourself later.

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  1. Bhavya Raj says:

    This is a really good one to go through. Speaks the importance of self-love and self-acceptance! And yeah, sometimes, we will have to understand that some people around us are toxic and can spread negativity in our space.

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  2. DGs says:

    Yes, self-love is so important. A lot of people make it look selfish but looking after yourself is incredibly important for your mental health.


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