Dip your Mondays in glitter and sparkle all day

Mondays don’t need to have such a negative air about them. We, as a society, have made Mondays hated and joyless because they take away our weekend and the opportunity of having more time off. In my case, Mondays have started to affect my Sundays as well, making me worried and stressed about what is…

I am stronger than I was yesterday

With every hurdle and every step on the latter we get closer to the person we want to become. We get stronger with each day and we get to build our armor ready for battle. We grow from pain and despair, and that pain contributes to our strength. Imagine yesterday, when perhaps like me you…

Happy Friday!

As we near the end of this week I want us to look back and absorb all the emotions felt during the week, all the moments of hardship but also those of joy. Take it all in and allow some space for your body to tell you what it needs. Allow your mind to focus…

One day you’ll be okay

Perhaps today your soul aches and your heart feels shattered. Perhaps your whole life seems to be falling apart not into place, and things are difficult now, unbearable even.
No one can comfort you and no one can give you what you need because you don’t know what you need. Your body feels tired, left with the bare minimum to just survive and you sit in bed at night wondering when this is all going to be over?


It’s like you’re a guest at a scene that shows the trainwreck that is your life and all you can do is watch and feel numb at the sight of it.

Let go of anything holding you down

But consider this, when you start becoming unhappy with a situation and it goes by ignored for a while, it becomes harder to carry, harder to bear, and harder to pretend everything is fine. With time, the weight of it becomes heavier and you reach a point where you can barely move around because it’s holding you down.