What growth is and isn’t

What is growth? If not a messy journey that takes us through heaven and hell simultaneously and eventually delivers us to our destination. I like this quote here because every other quote makes growth sound like a fairy tale journey, magical and beautiful when in reality it’s full of ups and downs, tears, hard work,…

Trust the process

A process of change can get hard and claustrophobic when you’re not sure of where things are going and how they’re going to develop in your favour or if they’re ever going to do so. You’re supposed to trust the wait and yet you feel like you’re wasting time that you should be using to…

Great things don’t happen overnight

Right now you may feel as though what you’re doing isn’t leading you anywhere, but small steps are the ones that take you further to your goals. Remember that, when you feel hopeless or you want to give up on something because it doesn’t bring you an instant reward. Great things don’t happen overnight nor…

How do I slow down?

Consistency is key when you’re trying to be successful at something, but you cannot be successful at three, four different things at the same time. You can perhaps keep up with them for a little while but in the long run, you are bound to fail because you’ll stop having as much energy and you’ll lose the patience that you desperately need to get a project up from the ground.

Nothing changes if nothing changes

Reinventing our thinking process, our approach to what life presents us with is how REAL change will occur. Sitting by and having life pass you by won’t do you any favours. Take life into your own hands and do with it as you please. Don’t wait for things to happen to you, MAKE them happen.

Stand up for what you believe in

At times, we’re faced with a choice. Fight or flight. Stand or remain put. Every nerve inside your body might say move! It might say fight and there will be a small part of you that will try to convince you to do otherwise. It’s often fear that tries to convince us to not stand up for ourselves, not logic.

Little things make big things happen

Even when you think what you’re doing is insignificant or it doesn’t amount to much, IT DOES. Keep on doing all those small things to lead you where you want to be. Each one is a step closer to your big breakthrough!

Every day is a second chance

Don’t dismiss a second chance so quickly, it’s been given to you for a reason. It can be an opportunity, a chance at redemption, the possibility of love and so many other good things that at first we dismiss out of fear.

Feel the fear and do it anyways

Fear brings logic and numbers into the equation, which usually makes people doubt. So, don’t let it overshadow all the hard work you’ve put into building something. Fear will always be there but, your dream might not.