The first morning…(MB #1)

The sun came through my window pane early in the morning, bright and hopeful telling me it was time to get up. I was reluctant to do so, regardless of how sunny it was. I was used to being woken up by my alarm with an echoing sound that felt like someone was scratching my brain. Here, I was soothed by the mountain air and the sun’s light touch over my bed. It felt good to feel time pause whilst I bathed in the warmth of the sun and enjoyed the quietness of the place. No more noisy neighbours, no more kids screaming because they didn’t want to go to school and no nine to five job.

I had of course, work to do here but it was the first time I wasn’t isolated in a building for most of my day and the first time I actually enjoyed doing what I was being paid to do. My job no longer required tireless hours of work and rude customers, it only involved finding a good spot for the day where to write and a pot of coffee next to me to help keep me motivated. I was over the moon with this turn of events and I wish I could’ve done it sooner, since I didn’t lack the talent to write only the time for it.

Smiling, I got off the bed and jumped in the shower, I made a mental note to go to town and buy some groceries and things I needed around the house. Lately, I’d been working till late at night and the shops were shut by the time I got to them so I couldn’t get anything I needed but hopefully today I could get an early start to make sure I made it in town.

Despite my lack of social awareness, from what I could see everyone in town seemed welcoming and warm, a few nasty looks had caught my eye when I’d moved in perhaps from the clothes I was wearing. People around here didn’t seem used to women wearing ‘revealing outfits’ and a simple pair of shorts had made their eyes shot up in disdain. I tried not to let it bother me but it’s safe to say I’ll be wearing something else today when I go and do my shopping. As I wrapped the towel around me, I heard the phone in the room next door ring. I didn’t use landlines so I couldn’t imagine someone calling me on it since I hadn’t given anyone my number but I hurried out of the bathroom and went to answer the phone.

‘Hello?’ I asked, frantically, trying to keep my towel from falling.

Someone breathing was all I heard. The person on the other end of the line didn’t speak but I could hear him or her breathe. I tried saying hello again but no response just the same sound of breathing. Scared, I hung up the phone and looked around the room to check no one was watching me. I moved to the windows quickly to see if someone was there playing a prank but no, no one was there either. Yet for some reason that phone call had made her feel like someone was keeping a close eye on her from afar.

No writing prompt today 🙂 just the first thing that came to my mind when I started writing.

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