How do I slow down?


If you’re anything like me, you’ve learned the hard way that you can’t split yourself into fifteen different pieces to work on fifteen different projects.

Either through burnout, constant disappointments, or failures, I learned I tend to put a lot of pressure on myself to get things done. I eventually end up doing them poorly, giving up on them, or having some minor success with them that just depresses me (cause I want extremely big results), and eventually I quit on them for good, wasting perfectly good ideas and plans because I got the execution wrong.

Consistency is key when you’re trying to be successful at something, but you cannot be successful at three, four different things at the same time. You can perhaps keep up with them for a little while but in the long run, you are bound to fail because you’ll stop having as much energy and you’ll lose the patience that you desperately need to get a project up from the ground.

You’ll then lose faith in yourself and your incredible abilities because you’ve not achieved some unrealistic results you had planned on. Eventually, you’ll stick to what you know and a job that gets you through life because you weren’t able to manage your side projects and be realistic with what you can expect from yourself.

If you work a 9-5 job and want to develop three different projects outside your working hours, you will burn yourself out. You are putting unrealistic expectations on yourself because you want to succeed. You won’t succeed by putting yourself in a position where you constantly work and are constantly taking on more because you want more money, a house, holidays, etc.

You succeed by making a plan, by dividing your time with care, and where it can be most impactful. You choose the side project you’re most passionate about and you work on that one not on three others as well. One thing at a time is how you avoid burnout and how you avoid giving up on amazing ideas.

Keep a list of things you want to achieve, projects you want to eventually start, and keep them somewhere safe until your first project is up and running. Don’t try to overdo it, because you’ll only be doing a disservice to yourself and your dreams.

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